Auckland, New Zealand: 27 April 2017 – Besra Gold Inc advises that MNP Ltd has issued Form 11 – Notice of Final Dividend and Application for Discharge pursuant to Section 152(5)(c) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”).

The Certificate of Full Performance (which effectively releases Besra from the BIA proceedings) shall be issued to Besra upon the expiry of the objection period under the Notice of Final Dividend and Application of Discharge of Trustee (Form 11) and following the issuance/dividend distribution of the Cash, Convertible Notes, Common Shares and New Warrants under the Proposal.

Subject to no objections being received, the final dividend will be paid on 12 May 2017, with the Certificate of Full Performance expected shortly thereafter.

A copy of the Form 11 as issued may be downloaded here.