Besra Gold Inc (“Besra” or the “Company“), announced today that the Extraordinary Meeting (“Meeting”) of holders of 3% unsecured convertible redeemable notes (“Notes”) of the Company scheduled for 14:00 EST on 16 November 2020 has been adjourned to Monday 23 November 2020 at 14:00 EST (Toronto time). The purpose of the Meeting is to present a Noteholder Resolution for an approval of a reorganisation of the Company and amendment to the terms of the notes as outlined in the Management Information Circular dated 16 October 2020, and in the Supplement to the Management Information Circular, dated 10 November 2020, filed on SEDAR.

The Company will hold the adjourned Meeting in a virtual only format via live webcast. Details regarding participation at the Meeting are set out in the Management Information Circular and in the Supplement to the Management Information Circular, also available on the Besra website.

Online and telephone voting has now been reopened for registered noteholders.

How to Vote:

  • ahead of time, to be lodged prior to 14:00 EST (Toronto time) on 20 November 2020
    • direct online at (enter the 15-digit control number provided on your form of proxy to vote) or
    • by phone via the online proxy (call 1-866-732-8683 toll-free in North America and enter the 15-digit control number printed on their form of proxy. Follow the interactive voice recording instructions to vote), or
    • a pdf scan of a new proxy dated after their old proxy sent to the Company
  • vote at the virtual meeting on 23 November 2020, at 14:00 EST (Toronto time).

Registered Noteholders have been sent a form of proxy containing a 15-digit control number, which will be required to vote online at the virtual Meeting, by internet, or by telephone. Any Registered Noteholder who wishes to vote and has not received their form of proxy should contact the Company.