Besra Gold Inc (“Besra” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce that all matters submitted to Noteholders for approval as set out in detail in the Company’s Management Information Circular dated 16 October 2020, and in the Supplement to the Management Information Circular (“Supplement”) dated 10 November 2020, and filed on SEDAR, were approved by the requisite majority of votes cast at the adjourned Extraordinary Meeting (“Meeting”) of holders of 3% unsecured convertible redeemable notes (“Notes”) of the Company, held via webcast on Thursday, 3 December 2020. A total of 42,024 Notes of Besra were represented by Noteholders in person or by proxy at the Meeting, representing 88.50% of the Company’s outstanding Notes.

Specifically, shareholders voted to approve the Noteholder Resolution, which proposed the reorganisation and amendment of the Notes as described more fully in the Supplement. The Noteholder Resolution presented was a component of, and precondition to, the Company’s proposed IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Detailed results of the voting are set out below:

Outcome of Votes Votes FOR % FOR Votes AGAINST % AGAINST
Carried 28,209.606820 67.13 13,814.939550 32.87

Full details of all proposals are described in the Company’s Management Information Circular and the Supplement, available on the Company’s website at  and on SEDAR.