Statement of Values

Besra is founded on five core values.  To understand these better, it is important to know that a Besra is a type of hawk that is found right across south-east Asia including our past and present areas of operations. We chose the name Besra because of five key traits of the hawk – vision, speed, agility, drive and respect.

We took these traits and crafted them into core values to which we adhere and aspire:

  • Vision – in everything we do, we take a strategic, long term view, with clarity provided by evidence gained through exploration and industry insight;
  • Speed – we strive for efficiency and timely delivery;
  • Agility – we rapidly adapt to change, new markets and conditions;
  • Drive – we are tenacious in pursuit of our goals;
  • Respect – we respect and are respected by our peers, our colleagues and our communities